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Sammy Rabbit

Sammy is a friend kids & families love. He is smart and trustworthy. He embodies the ‘you can do it’ spirit. He believes great money habits make a difference. His messages are helpful and reassuring to kids, parents, teachers, and trainers. Three of Sammy’s favorite sayings and teachings are:

  1. Dream big. Do big – one step at a time!
  2. Saving is a great habit!
  3. You can do it. Now get to it!

Sam X Renick

Sam X Renick is the driving force behind Sammy Rabbit and the Dream Big Read. Sam and Sammy are dedicated to empowering kids’ dreams and improving children’s financial literacy through the development of great habits and strategic life skills. Sam has read and sung off key with over a quarter million children around the world, encouraging them to get in the habits of saving money and reading! He has won numerous honors throughout his 15+ year career, including the New Jersey Coalition for Financial Education’s Muriel F. Siebert Lifetime Achievement Award! For Sam, financial literacy is personal. His passion and dynamic brand of youth empowerment are fueled by conversations he had with father as a child and with clients as a financial adviser.

What We Believe

All Kids Future

Great habits, life-long learning, and life skills give all kids a better future. Kids are smart. Kids are capable. Their minds are like sponges. Kids are learning all the time, whether we know it or not. Money habits are formed early in life. It is important to take conscious control of the learning process at an early age – the pivotal point of impact and influence. Educate. Empower. Shape mindsets, habits, and skills. Instill confidence. Insitll a you can do it, now get to it attitude! Inspire big dreams. Bring enthusiasm. Give effort and then some. Be a source and force of knowledge and joy!