How To Lead An Experience

There are lots of ways to lead a Dream Big Read Experience. It’s easy. Anyone can do it. Below are six ways you can start. We’re happy to assist and support you any way we can. Feel free to contact us for support. Thank you!

1. Start with the Sammyriffic Set.

The Sammyriffic Set is a versatile resource. It consists of a 160 co-branded activities. It’s 10 digital PDF products in one. You can keep and make unlimited copies of the activities forever. It gives you the opportunity to gift education and get recognition endlessly! The set can be used in the following ways:

  • You can use each activity to lead an experience.
  • You can incorporate one or more activities into another experience.
  • You can provide clients, your community and everyone access to the resources online or in person. Provide the activities:
    • Via your website
      • Post one more activity pages or post an entire PDF and set of activities
      • For current best practices see how CFP Krista Cavalieri and financial educator Patrina Dixon are using the Sammyriffic Set online.
    • Via newsletter – traditional or e-newsletter. See Sammy Rabbit’s Corner in MoneyMasters.TV newsletter – pgs. 15 & 16
    • At your office – print and provide copies to one or more activities when clients and prospects visit you
    • “In person” at schools, community events, conferences, trade shows, etc. Print and provide copies to one or more activities. Print and give away an individual activity; two activities; a booklet of 4 activities; an entire PDF or any combination you deem appropriate.
    • See Activity Video 1 – College Dream Big Activity Sheet

2. Start with a story!

Read Sammy’s Big Dream to kids. The storybook is part of the Sammyriffic Set! You can also separately order the colored version of the storybook and give it to kids and classrooms! Here’s how you use the storybook to create an experience:

  • Volunteer at a local school or youth club
  • Read the story to kids.
  • Have a discussion.
  • Then, at your discretion, lead kids in doing one or more activities from the Sammyriffic Set!

3. Start with a song!

Teach kids a Sammy song. Sammy offers six free songs and videos at the You will also find eight page activity books in your Sammyriffic Set – one for every song!

4. Start with an interactive discussion!

Have an interactive discussion with kids on saving or another personal finance concept. Use questions to engage kids. Have kids repeat key concepts and phrases out loud.

5. Start with coloring!

Sammy’s coloring book, ‘Saving is a Great Habit,’ is a part of the Sammyriffic Set!

6. Start with an art and craft!

  • Volunteer at a local school or youth club
  • Lead the art and craft of your choice: create a savings banks, frame a dream, dream poster board, etc.
  • Share points on personal finance while kids are doing their activity
  • Note: Play Sammy music from while kids are doing their art & craft
  • See Arts and Crafts Video 1A – College Savings Banks
  • See Arts and Crafts Video 1B – Saving Frame