Why does financial literacy and goal setting matter for kids?

See what Sammy Rabbit says about these vital subjects on SammyRabbit.com

What will kids learn?

Sammy’s core curriculum emphasizes the development of great habits and centers around teaching his
12 steps to make your big dreams come true. He uses stories, songs, slogans, activities and other fun education strategies kids love!

Who can lead or sponsor a Dream Big Read?

A Dream Big Read was designed to be easy and affordable for anyone to have positive impact in their community. Anyone can do it!

  • Financial Service Professionals. Teachers. Community Leaders. College students. Teens. Parents. Grandparents.

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Where do I start?

Although the process can start from a variety of Sammy activities, we think the best way to start is by reading the story Sammy’s Big Dream. Why? It sets up great questions for further learning:

  1. What’s your big dream?
  2. Are you willing to get in the habit of saving to help prepare you to make your big dreams come true?

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How can I work with Sammy to have impact?

There are 5 primary ways to work with Sammy, have impact, and make a difference in your community:

  • Lead Dream Big Reads and Experiences
  • Sponsor Dream Big Reads and Experiences so someone else can lead them
  • Offer families, educators, and communities the co-branded Sammyriffic Set of resources. You can do it online or in person, at your office, via mail, at events, etc.
  • Promote the Dream Big Read mission and Sammyriffic Set of free or co-branded resources
  • Do any combination of the above