Dream Big Read program

Dream Big Read is an early age financial literacy, goal setting and life skills education program. It’s easy to lead. Anyone can do it.

About the Program

The program consists of an array of resources and experiences that can be used on a standalone basis or as a series. Experiences feature songs, stories, and activities from the lovable Sammy Rabbit. Dream Big Read experiences are easy to execute and cover a broad range of topics. Topics include:

  • great money habits
  • big dreams
  • goal setting
  • education & college
  • language
  • reading

An experience can be led on an individual, class, school-wide, or community-wide basis. See how others have used our materials.

About the Website

DreamBigRead.com is an online resource hub for anyone who is participating in or leading a Dream Big Read experience. The site contains tutorials, guides, and free materials to execute the Dream Big Read experience of your choice. Each experience is listed in our Dream Big Read experience directory page. Sign-up now to receive full access to the site.

Mission and Goal

Our goal is to have 1 million children between the ages of 5 to 8 participate in a Dream Big Read experience and receive Sammy Dream Big financial education and goal setting resources by the end of 2020.

Learn more about the team behind Sammy Rabbit and his Dream Big initiatives.