Second Grade Money Club Kicks Off

Getting kids energized to learn about economics and money is not necessarily an easy task. And motivating them to do it after school is nearly impossible. But that is exactly what the leadership team at Malabar Elementary School has done under the guidance of school principal Margarita Gutierrez and community parent representative Rosa Overstreet.

Inspired by Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Read East Los Angeles and conversations with children’s author Sam X Renick, Malabar agreed to launch the elementary school’s first ever Dream Big Economics and Money Club.

“The more I reflected on my own experiences learning about money as a child, my 30 years teaching in the inner city, and the consume first environment we all live in, I realized it is essential we begin having conversations with kids about personal finance and economics before they form poor habits and relationships with money,” stated Ms. Overstreet.

Those were the impetus for the Club’s creation and over twenty second grade girls and boys convening weekly to discuss their dreams, economics, and finances.

Infusing activities and discussion on dreams and goal setting into the curriculum is part of the Club’s unique attraction. Dreams can be infectious. And, they appeal to everyone – kids, parents, instructors and organizations. Malabar and Ms. Overstreet are excellent examples. One of their shared big dreams’ is to build a Community Garden-ECO Learning and Technology Center on the Malabar campus.

So, how is it going? Take a look at the above video for a glimpse of participants soaking in lessons on goods and services and enthusiastically preparing to deliver a special rendition of the Sammy Rabbit’s signature song Get in the Habit for an upcoming Family Literacy and Dream Big Read night at the school.

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