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Sammy’s Top 10 Tips for College Savings

  1. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! The cost of college is an elephant expense
    for families. Take it one deposit at a time. Start saving and depositing for college today. Use
    and leverage time to achieve your college savings goals
  2. Automate your saving
  3. Set goals for saving (for college)
  4. Start reading and researching about college
  5. Compare and contrast costs and benefits of colleges. Consider the following calculation and
    questions when evaluating colleges.

    • As a point of comparison, calculate the cost of 2 years of junior college and 2 years of
      state college. This will give you a benchmark for what graduating from college can cost.
    • How much debt do I want my child to exit college with?
  6. Periodically review your finances and evaluate if you are prioritizing college saving.
  7. Regularly remind your kids that the better grades they achieve, the more and better options
    they will have when it comes to going to and graduating from college
  8. Do not hesitate to encourage kids to work and save to pay for a portion of their college
  9. Provide family and friends who normally give gifts an option to gift education
  10. Establish a family and home culture that stresses life-long learning

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Did You Know

“Children with savings dedicated for college education are four times more likely to attend
college.” Center for Social Development at Washington University, in St. Louis