College or Chuck E Cheese?

We have been investing lots of time with kids ages 3 to 8 discussing the primary choices they can make with money.

Our view is straightforward. It’s a race to their heads and hearts before they are hardwired and hardened with disempowering habits and feelings that have them happily but unwittingly spending away their futures.

Research reflects, when it comes to money habits, the real battle for this prime thinking and feeling space is prior to age eight.

That is exactly where we started on day one in 2001. And, it is exactly where we still want to be in 2017. We want to be in the race right where it is being decided. We want to shape kids money mindsets and futures. We want to inspire and influence parents, teachers, and community leaders to do the same. We hope you do to.

I will be candid, it is not necessarily an easy or fair fight. But kids are worth it. This video demonstrates the challenge. It also shows through hard work and repeat effort, kids can be intentionally taught to think and feel in new and empowering ways about money.

We encourage you to lead your own experiences; to leverage Team Sammy resources; and most importantly, to actively shape and transform young heads and hearts. Make it a Sammyriffic day!

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