Teacher Makes Big Dream Come True


As a child of 8 years of age my dream was to become a teacher. –Rosa Overstreet


Please tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Rosa Serrano Overstreet. I am the Community Parent Representative at Malabar Elementary School in Los Angeles Unified School District. I took the position after retiring as a teacher from the school.


Share with us a little about your education.

I grew up in El Sereno, a community within the Los Angeles area. I attended All Saints Grade School, San Gabriel Mission High School, and Cal State University Los Angeles.

Big Dreams Then and Now

What was one of your big dreams as a child and what is one you have now?

As a child of 8 years of age my dream was to become a teacher. I am grateful I fulfilled that dream and enjoyed teaching for 36 years.

My big dream now is to see Malabar Elementary School in Boyle Heights build a Community Garden/Eco Learning Center on its campus. This dream came about after a conversation with a colleague of mine who is now the president of Virtual Space. He wanted to give back to the community so he created this Eco learning Center design for the school. His vision exceeded the expectations of the school's principal Luis Cuevas and the Malabar Community. It is an innovative concept where technology meets the environment (green space). 

You can discover more about Mrs. Serrano-Overstreet’s big dream visiting malabarschoolloop.com. Go to Eco Center.

Reading Then and Now

Share with us one of your favorite reading memories from childhood and one now.

My son Carlos loved when I would read Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown before he went to bed. My daughter Erika liked me to get in bed with her and read books with her. Her favorite book was Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.

Reading is a Great and Life Transforming Habit

What are you reading right now? 

I am reading Caramelo by Sandra Cisneros. It is about a young Mexican American girl who travels to Mexico City for the first time and sees what life is like on the other side of the border. I have been enjoying reading because it  I am finding myself relating to her experiences.

Sammy Rabbit’s 12 Steps to Make Big Dreams Come True

Which one of Sammy's 12 Steps for Making Big Dreams Come True do you find most important and why?

Sammy’s Step #9 says ‘Adjust When Necessary.’ I find this important guidance because I have found when striving to accomplish a dream or goal, financial or otherwise, my planned progress is not always the same as my actual progress. However, by making thoughtful adjustments to my plan, I have still been able to reach various dreams and goals.

Big Life Lesson Learned

Share with us one of big and memorable lessons you have learned in your life. As a young child my father advised me to always save for a rainy day. I have done this all my life and will continue to do it. I like being prepared. You never know when an emergency might occur.

Tips for Kids

What are a few tips you can give kids and parents about their dreams, careers, college–education, and of course great money habits?

I have two tips for kids that I think will help them with their dreams, education, and careers:

1. Always put away some money each month for a rainy day!

2. Remember, any goal is possible as long as you work hard to achieve it and NEVER  GIVE UP!

Some goals might take time to achieve but STAY THE COURSE!


Name: Rosa Overstreet
Location: East Los Angeles
Website: www. Malabar.schoolloop.com
Email: rmso@sbcglobal.net
Phone: (323) 261-1103
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