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What is Dream Big Read?

Dream Big Read is an early age financial literacy, goal setting, and life skills program anyone can lead. The program consists of an array of resources and experiences that can be used on a standalone basis or as a series. Resources and experiences feature songs, stories, and activities from the lovable Sammy Rabbit. If you want a fun, easy, effective, and transformational financial literacy experience for kids & parents, this is the program for you.

In collaboration with Weingart East Los Angeles YMCA, we delivered a series of Dream Big Read experiences to kids ages 4-12!

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About the Resources

Sammy's Big Dream

Sammy’s Big Dream is a catalyst for conversation. The storybook ignites kids’ imaginations, inspires their dreams, and makes it easy to talk to and teach them about the great money habits and life skills that will position them for lifelong success. The story can be used to spark discussion and learning on at least 16 different topics!

Printables & The Sammyriffic Set

Each experience features printable activites. Many of the activities are in the Sammyriffic Set. All 160 activities in the Sammyriffic Set can be co-branded. Each activity will include your brand and contact information. Co-Brand now!


Some experiences involve original toe-tapping music from Sammy Rabbit. His tunes are filled with uplifting energy, positive messages, and catchy lyrics that kids and families love. The music is available for free at the Dream Big Club.

Sammy music

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